Contract Coating

Since its foundation in 1989, Arplen has acquired extensive experience in the treatment and coating of fabrics. Both our technical department and our partners are able to develop the product sought. We can work from the point of view of the composition of the fabric or the emulsion. In this regard, we are one of the few existing companies that can work the entire process: from the purchase of the yarn, to the weaving, coating and converting.

During all these years we have developed products for the decoration of interiors, advertising and technical products. We have worked to provide fire retardant, waterproof and adhesive coatings, and we are continuously looking for new formulas to offer new characteristics and functions.

We have a coating and a converting unit that can produce media up to 3200 mm wide. Arplen has an innovative work method, with the goal of achieving the maximum satisfaction of its customers. We offer professionalism, quality and flexibility with a high dose of enthusiasm and friendliness.

Send us your request in the most concrete way possible, and we are committed to work quickly to achieve the objectives.

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