Canvases and textiles for Digital Printing

In this section you can find our canvases and textiles for digital printing.

We started to develop this kind of canvases and textiles more than 10 years ago, what has given us a wide experience, developing and improving them continuously according to the market exigencies.

Our canvases for digital printing have a strong similarity with the traditional canvases for painter, but they are ready to be used with the latest technologies in digital printing. The textiles market is increasing and they are being used for more purposes and in different ways, so we make sure that the innovation in these products is continuous.

We control all the production process from the purchase of yarn and the weaving to the coating and converting. This gives us the advantage of being able to take care of the quality in each step of the production process and being able to act to avoid problems. The primers we are using have been specially formulated to offer the maximum intensity and brightness of the colours depending on the type of ink used.

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