Over the past years we have seen how the requirement of the use of fire retardant materials has become usual in the building and conditioning of public spaces.

When we speak about a fire retardant material we refer to a product that reacts to the action of a heat source, like the effect of a flame, delaying in an effective way its propagation. The regulations and certifications processes are strict, but they only pay attention to the behaviour of the flame, without taking into account another matter which is also important: what is generated during the combustion? Therefore, usually, the fire retardant products are not ecologic.

There are different ways of treating a material to become it fire retardant, and one commonly used is with halogen combinations of fluoride, iodine, chlorine and bromine. In case of fire, the use of these components can become a dangerous disadvantage, as the halogens descompose generating a black smoke and toxic gasses, as for example, the carbon monoxide and dioxide, a noxious combination that can be mortal, causing the death by asphyxia. Moreover, the toxins released during the combustion, like the antimony trioxide, considered as carcinogenic, can be accumulated in the human body.

In ARPLEN we have developed our own fire retardant formulation free of halogens, to be able to offer products which are safe for both the user and the environment. Our materials delay the combustion without generating dark smokes, giving more security in comparison to the products made with halogens.

Because of all this, it is important to have into account the following points when choosing a fire retardant material:

  • Halogens-free materials reduce the amount of noxious gases that are released in the case of fire. They do not produce any corrosive substance.
  • Insurance companies are requiring halogens-free fire retardant materials for covering persons and goods in public buildings.

The products manufactured by ARPLEN are formuled and treated with fire retardant components halogens-free. Currently our range of fire retardant products include:

Eco BackLit FR

Textile Blockout FR


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