During the last years the materials for wall covering have become fashionable, for the advertisement industry as for, and specially, home decoration. We find various medias as vinyls, textiles, papers,… Between them, the flexible adhesives have gained importance in the sector of digital printing, given its versatility and easiness of its application. ¿Which advantages are these products offering in comparison to others?

  • These products can be printed with digital printers, this allows to personalise each print taking into account where it will be placed.
  • Related with the previous point, this provokes a more impressing effect as the prints will be unique, conceived being exposed in its concrete place.
  • Regarding other types of advertisement and decoration, it isn’t necessary to install support as the adhesive is stuck directly on the wall.
  • It offers cheap options to renew the spaces, as recycling furniture instead of changing them, or renew the walls without having to make some works or painting.
  • The installation is quick, and you don’t have to wait, as in the case of painting, until the paint is dry.

ARPLEN has created a range of adhesive textiles that can be used for the same as the vinyl, and are a more ecologic alternative. The adhesive textile is a free PVC product, and it also offers different use possibilities and advantages in comparison to vinyls or adhesive papers:

  • When installing a textile, the air goes between the fibres, so it’s easier to achieve a good result, without bubbles, without the help of a professional. Anyone can install this material.
  • There is no need of a transporter when installing it.
  • The adhesive textile doesn’t shrink and it doesn’t deform with humidity and temperature changes, as it may happen with the vinyl.
  • The adhesive textile, as it is slightly flexible, it adapts better to the rounded surfaces than other media that are more rigid, like the paper.
  • The look and touch of the product are of a real textile, and this gives to the prints a more warm appearance.

The adhesive textiles that ARPLEN offers are manufactured with polyester yarn and coated with a water based emulsion with polyurethane, a very resistant resin that allows to clean the print without damaging it.

You can find more information about our adhesive textiles in our website:

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